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A Dark Little Moment At The Crossroads…

At The Crossroads


” Want to know a secret?” something whispered in my ear.

I woke up from a deep sleep and looked up and around my dark room  with sleep filled eyes.

” No, ” I said ” I want to sleep. Leave me alone.”

I pulled my covers up over my head but I heard it again, whispering in my other ear. ” I really want to share this secret with you. Come out from under those covers. I won’t leave until you do.”

I worked one arm out from under my blanket. Held my head up into the cool night air and gave the voice the finger. ” I don’t want to hear it. I was sleeping. Why did you wake me up?”

I felt it sit next to me. I heard it sigh. ” I just want to share a secret. I want to talk to someone. I want……

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Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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