4 thoughts on “Listen

      • It really is. I think you should use it as a prompt. Challenge others to write a piece while listening to it. I’ve already started trying to think of what it reminds me of. Some foreign f ilm set in France, perhaps. Two sisters–in a quandry, but over what? Hmm. Perhaps I’ll sleep on it. Or, one of those dark f ilms of the 50’s where Joan Crawford or Bette Davis is in a large house on the edge of a high cliff by the ocean, about to do some dastardly deed. To steal her sister’s man or frame someone else in order to have her own way. She is hurrying to execute this plot and it is storming and the cliff starts to crumble, spilling the mansion, with Bette Davis in it, into the churning waters below. A huge wave comes up and we see the edge of the scarf she had wrapped around her neck being dragged out by a wave. Wow. Did that music ever work!!!

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