The Closed Door

365 Creative Writing Prompts

27. Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?


Step aside from that door Devin Quinn.

We know you locked it behind you years ago.

The folks here in Keelan weren’t  concerned with this and that or what was on the news

or the horrors the world had in store

for other people.

We still aren’t.

But you puzzle us.

 Nobody ventures out of Keelan

except for you

Devin Quinn.

We think you’re up to no good.

So step aside fromt that door

Devin Quinn

and let’s see what’s on the other side.

Devin Quinn handed over the key.

I put it in the lock, put my shoulder against the door and turned the key…

The door swung open.

Devin Quinn hung back

I stepped over the threshold


” Damn that door is open. See that Murphy? “

The two cemetery workers were almost done with their shift and were walking back to the maintenance building when they saw the gate and the heavy metal door at the Keelan Family mausoleum was wide open.

Murphy the groundskeeper pushed the door shut. ” I’ll work on the lock  in the morning.” he told his co-worker Aran.

Murphy pushed the door open one more time and took a quick peek just to make sure that nobody was in there.

Nobody except for the Keelans were in there and of course Devin Quinn- the last of the Keelans who just passed a few years ago.

His casket encased in granite was in the center of the room and both men thought just for a second there the top moved just a little.

Trick of the light they thought to themselves.

A trick of the light in a room filled with darkness.


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