The Evesdropper


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Photo: A.M Moscoso

Photo: A.M Moscoso

Oliver Simon was waiting for his bus on Larch and Fifth when he heard two angry voices drifting over the tall hedges. He wanted to turn around and to see the argument in action but he couldn’t- that would be rude.

So he stayed very still and listened instead:

” It’s so crowded here, and we’re all packed in tight as sardines in a tin, you can hardly take a breath Innes”

Oliver assumed it was Innes who answered, ” I’m sorry. You know how it is.”

” You can’t keep doing this to us. Packing us in like this, it’s dehumanizing.”

” I said I’m sorry Mrs. Brody. I’ve said it a million times. But there’s  nothing I can do. “

” Take…”

” Mr Longmire.”

” Take Mr Longmire somewhere else. It’ so crowded here. I swear we can hardly take a decent breath anymore.”

Oliver thought that sounded pretty awful. The bus was crowded most of the time and God knows he hated sharing a seat.

” I really wish you’d stop saying that.” Innes said.

” Eight of us, there are eight of us in here. Now it’ nine. Are you going to go for an even dozen? Why not Innes? Why not a dozen?”

Oliver hated sitting next to anyone- no matter what he put on the seat next to him and no matter how far he spread his legs apart somebody always insisted on him moving himself and his stuff to make room for them when they were clearly not wanted, not invited to share Oliver’s space.

The world was full of jerks.

” Because, there is room, Mr Longmire is going to be your neighbor and…”

” We can hardly take a decent breath, we-“

Oliver heard Innes slam something into the ground with a thud  ” You’re dead, you haven’t taken a breath in 25 years. Now quit complaining and go back to sleep will you?”


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