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Photo of  A.M  Moscoso by Catalina Godfrey

Photo of 4 year old  A.M Godfrey
by Catalina Godfrey

Dear Old Lady Me

I’m Anita a long time ago.

I’m not afraid of anything.

I climb trees, sneak out of the house and play in the yard in the middle of the night and I’m not afraid of monsters, but I am sort of scared of Alien Invasions from Mars.

I drank kerosene and got my stomach pumped  and I like to dance the Hula  with no clothes on.

One day I guess I’ll be an old 50 year Old Lady.

I hope you don’t embarass me. I hope you’re brave, I hope you have long hair and I hope you’re not afraid of monsters.

Yours Truly

4 Year old

Anita Marie Godfrey.

Photo of Anita Moscoso by Luis S Moscoso

Photo of 50 Year Old Anita  Marie Moscoso
by Luis S Moscoso

Dear 4 Year Old Me

I can’t believe you didn’t kill us before we turned 6 years old.

No I’m not afraid of monsters- I write about them.

I’m not afraid of Alien Invasions, I’m pulling for one.

I still get up in the middle of the night sometimes and I still go outside and when I do I think about you- I can’t believe something as little as  you wasn’t afraid to do that. I don’t go out like that without my dog and a hockey stick.

I write about you a lot because you were hands down the weirdest, strangest and most entertaining kid I’ve ever known.

Turning 50 was actually kind of fun, but being you as a kid was a riot.

Let’s get back together soon.


Anita Marie


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