Gold Dusted Sundaes and Death


The Poetry of List-Making

For this week’s Discover Challenge, explore the poetic power of list-making.

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni


Line by line

I want a plan

Surprise me not

Tie me down



Five of my favorite Flavors:


Captain Crunch

Cotton Candy

all in one bowl

top it off with Sweet Cherries

Heaven on a spoon.

Fog On The Thames by Monet

Fog On The Thames by Monet

My Life Goals:

I Want to be a ghost

I want to haunt a house

I want to be a nightmare

I want to be the dark.

Clyfford  Still

Clyfford Still

My Summer

Whirring fans

Root Beer floats

Buttered popcorn at the movies

Dried grass, dusty roads, dead flowers at the cemetery.

Moon Sets Sun rises

I’ve tasted, touched seen and heard it all

this Summer.

Stephane  Carricondo

Stephane Carricondo

My Bucket List ( or do this before I die because it would read great in my obituary)

I want to invade Mars

I want to eat an Ice Cream Sudae dusted in gold

I want to write my name in pink

on the side of a wall



and call it art.



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