A Good Idea Is A Good Idea

Trump’s White America are demanding that we now set aside ‘Political Correctness’. Especially in the area of speech. I have read from various sources and been told in person, that we’d all be better off if we could refer to people by ‘real world terms’ like N#!@%$ and those golden oldies that described, Asian, Mexicans, Women and Gay people.

If we all get down and say what we think it levels an uneven field that many Americans feel they have been shuttled off to and disrespected every step of the way.

So of all people Trumpsters will fully support me in what I’m about to say here. In fact, they’re going to love it. They have to. This is me talking to you on ‘real world’ terms.

Donald Trump is a crude, classless bore. He is a hateful racist who does not care to know how the world around him functions or that the human beings who inhabit it will indeed ” bleed if you prick us “. If he can reach into your pocket, and grab your last nickel and then slam your daughter against a wall stick his hands between her legs in celebration  he will because damn it, he is ENTITTLED.

We have learned the hard way in this election that the American Dream is to be a RICH WHITE MAN with a model/soft core porn wife who doesn’t say word- not even when the rich white guy in question says he’d “date” his own daughter and then makes his daughter First Lady when he is elected president.

Frankly, if that had been my real dream, I wouldn’t have come right out and said it either.

It’s down right disturbed and in polite PC society dreams like will get you an invitation to see a therapist so I can see why people have been holding back on that.

Trumpsters, you can claim Democrats are just sore losers, but the reality is you have elected a twisted hateful deeply disturbed man who has a thing for his daughter to the Presidency and in YOUR shame you expect the entire world to shut their eyes and go to YOUR happy place.

This is not going to happen.

In Trump-Speak: Trump is the turd in YOUR punch bowl- you drink from it. While you greedily down that mess he rest of us will do what we can to maintain the last shred of dignity left to us by the  ’16 Election.


Gee Trumpsters it is TRUE.

Saying what you really think is AWESOME.

Thanks for the tip.

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