In The Olden Days


Back in the days when I used to do research in libraries, I used to spend hours upon hours reading, taking notes, asking questions and when I was done I’d take a carefully selected  stack of books up to the counter.

One day in my  stack I had  book about Funeral Customs from around the world, a book about cannibalism and one about forensics.

The Librarian asked me if I found everything I needed.

” Oh. Hey. I forgot, I need one about organic gardening.”

He tried to not look back down at my books.

” I’m writing a cookbook.” I  offered by way of explanation.

I was a regular in that Library and it’s funny but that Librarian managed to never check my books out again.

The Wrong Door


Heavy footsteps

made their way to my door

demanding, insisting, they tread over bones

sleeping corpses

tell me your story, feed me your words

I heard a whisper in my ear

before the scream

tore it’s way

to forever.

Daily Post Prompt: Oversight