Her Name Is Anita (updated)



One of the most powerful images to come from the hearts- and hands- of Americans who are not on board with a Trump Regime is this one:

The  defiant lady in purple- or as she is called ” Resistance Auntie “

Her real name is Anita.

 I took it as a sign.

As of late, I’m more inclined to say what I think because I am  sick to death of patiently listening to people tell me, ” that’s nice Anita, but THIS is what WE need to take care of  today ( this comes from my white Democratic friends who don’t want to deal with what they call ” identity politics “)

Here’s the deal.

We ARE going to deal with things like race in the Democratic party and race in the Progressive movement right now- not later because I am going to bring it up, wirte about it and Facebook book about  every chance I get.

Why NOW?

Because I said so.

that’s why.

I have smiled and indulged your excuses when you ‘white ‘splain ‘ Politics to me and  I  tried ( God knows I have tried )  to see things ‘ your way’ and guess what.

It did not work.

So go patronize a Chuck E Cheese or your favorite Coffee House.

There is work to be done because of that crazy man squatting in the White House.

As the saying goes,

 ” Shit just got real.”




Anita Marie Moscoso

Daily Post: Resist