Step Away From The Camera

Sometimes when I take a picture it’s because I see a story and want to preserve the moment.

Sometimes my dog grabs my phone and I save those pictures because my dog took them and I love him…duh.

And other times the pictures aren’t just plain wrong, but I like them anyway…for example:

Last Monday  the sky was full of smoke and the Sun looked ill so I took a picture of it because I lack empathy for nature.

I toss non recyclables into the recycle bin a lot of the time- that’s how bad I am to Nature.

Photo A.M Moscoso

I liked this picture better upside down.

Actually, it was a bad shot but I liked the colors and textures so I wanted to make it work.

Photo A.Moscoso

I’m not sure who hung this picture of a cat( or maybe it ‘s a rabbit)  in the tree to save it from the sidewalk which was wet from rain but if they cared enough to do that I figured I should do my part to save it too.

So I took a picture of it.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My brother is a talented photographer, my nieces are gifted too. Me. I just sort of try to take good pictures and most of the time I fail.

But damn, they ARE interesting failures.

So in my own pathetic little way, I guess I’m not half bad

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