Nope. I Don’t Take It Seriously At All

I have never written an honest to goodness love poem.

And guess what?

Today was no exception.


They were soul mates

they would exist for each other, breathe as one,  dream as one

be as one

in this world and beyond

they swore to each other

upon a stack of her fancy underwear that clung to her aged flesh like moss covering a rotting tree


And then one day

he chocked to death and she died of fright from the sight of his

blue face and bulging eyes begging her for air, for life,  for her to pickup

the damn phone and call for help.


Nobody found them right away.


Nobody witnessed their souls

ultimately flying solo from this life

this world

they destroyed together.


Unless you count the rats and flies.


They saw it all

in the end.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Solo

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