A Fool In Lust

Photo A.M. Moscoso

On a fence

near my favorite cemetery

a fool

rings his bells

and calls saucily to me,

” Hey there friend, want to step inside? We’re having a great time and that’s no lie”


I said,  ” Good day ” and prepared to stroll by

by the Fool on the fence said,

” You know you want in, I can see it in your eyes.”


I went to the fool and we stood nose to nose,

” Tell me Fool,  go ahead, do I look like I want to sleep

with a bunch of dusty old bones?”


The Fool pushed his lips, right next to my ear.

” Not sleep, never sleep maybe feast on ten or more, what do you

say my little dark  paramour?”

” I think if your were smarter, ” I said as I reached up

” You wouldn’t offer dinner to a woman who just wants lunch.”

RDP Monday: FOOL

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