My Dark Companions

There been


Wolf at my door


Hell Hound at my heels


 giant black dog that followed me home in the snow

and disappeared when I  turned around and called him to follow me inside.

Next time I will stop and whistle softly,  call a little more gently

to bring my nervous companions in darkness to my side.


The Monday Peeve 13

Photo by Pixabay on

I had assumed that when people clicked the like button on my blog links at FB, it meant that they had taken a quick peek at what I had written.

Not so.

Some people thought that I was posting pictures and golly gee, those are so neat-o and I deserve a big pat on the back for sharing  it, and sometimes they are ‘saying’ that the little blue thumb is informing me in Emoji shorthand that they are ‘supportive’


I don’t know why I bother with Facebook, it’s a wasteland.