The Railroad Ghosts of Christmas Past

Inspired by Dickens and  recent events along the tracks I commute to work on:

5 people struck by trains within days in Washington state

From July To October 4  people were struck-    The Tracks

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

followed me home

from the railroad tracks

down the hill from where I live.


Sometimes I hear them, sometimes I see them

sometimes I feel them breathing down my neck

into my ear

“Give us a place to dream, give us a place to eat,

give us a chance to sleep- we are so tired and it is so cold.”


I ignored them

for as long as I could.


” Go away, you’re keeping me awake at night I am so tired, I am so cold, I can’t eat

and I need my sleep.”


The Ghosts of Christmas past

whistle to me

from the railroad tracks

down the hill from where I live:


” We know you can hear us, we know you can see us, we know you can hear us breathing,  no matter how far away you are from us you go.  You might as well join us from up the hill where you live.”


I am thinking, here in the dark up on the hill where I live

where I can’t sleep, or eat or dream,

where I am so lonely and I am always so cold

that I might visit them a few times and get to know them-

before I let them move in.

RDP Friday – Scrooge