It’s In The Cards

A few years ago I stopped sending Christmas cards- I stopped because I really wasn’t into the card choices that were out there and anyone who really knows me probably opened the envelope and saw those glittery snowmen and happy children and puppies on sleds and said,

” Wow. Anita. Who chose these because you sure didn’t.”

I’d pay good money to know for sure what they were thinking because I’m sure it was a hoot.

Anyway. Wouldn’t you know it? Being at the tail end of the Boomer Generation has it’s unexpected benefits, like the stuff you liked as a kid and a teenager are mainstream now.

For example, these are my Christmas Cards and they weren’t exactly hard to find:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

And USPS even came across- they actually printed Halloween stamps with some cool designs which will perfectly compliment my cards: I did go safe on a second choice of cards- those are for some of my relatives who pass around the links to my stories but getting a Krampus Christmas card  would not be their cup of tea. And I’m ok with that.

Providing of course I can enjoy my cup of tea  with all of the Spirit the season allows.

Now I am off to Toll Some Bells- wait- Jingle some bells and have a little more holiday fun.

I hope you will too.