The Tracks

Since July I have learned how long it takes for the trains to start running after someone has been hit and killed by one.

You know, there are something’s  in this world we should never have to get our minds around. Things like this being one of them.

N.B. From what I understand, the deaths in most of these cases were suicides.

July 24, 2019

Man killed by Sound Transit Sounder train in Kent

July 25, 2019

Man killed by Sounder train in Kent

Pedestrian hit by Sounder train headed to Tacoma

October 24, 2019

Man hit and killed by freight train in Puyallup

December 03, 2019

Pedestrian hit and killed by Sounder train near Sumner

On December 03, 2019 another pedestrian was killed in Kent during the evening commute.

2 Pedestrians Killed, 1 Injured In 3 Washington Train Incidents