Here There Be Devils

We are at a place in time

where children are caged, even babies and toddlers,

with orders that they not be touched or comforted

and purposefully broken

because they are ‘the other’  because they are not white.


We are at a place in time

where this is okay with some people –

not because of ‘national security’


because it  makes them feel good , happy,  righteous and superior.


We are at a place in time

where the deaths and pain of children

are fueling a Political Campaign.


Hell is empty

and indeed,

the devils are here.



When Angels Sing


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Be kind

be thoughtful

be patient, tolerant and understanding

the better angels in me sang

and I was


( and you knew there was as Until waiting to wing it’s way in, didn’t you?)

I found myself surrounded by

none of these things

and I looked in the mirror

and saw a mark on my forehead

and that mark was a word

and that word


” Sucker ”

The lesser angels in me are singing now

and their song is loud and bitter.

I have learned it’s tune and each day

I find myself singing the words a little more strongly with gusto and relish

in a darker yet more balanced world.

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