It’s Christmas So Read This Book!

If you want a nice little collection of ghost stories to read over the Christmas Holidays, then have I got a book recommendation for you!

It’s called the Ghosts of Christmas Past and it’s edited by Tim Martin.

I’m not going to give you a review- I’m going to give you a taste of the stories that tickled my bones:

The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance  by M.R. James

First of all, you haven’t read a ghost story until you have read James. In this story Punch and Judy do what they do, but toss in the sound of crunching bones and people who can’t wake up from that particular nightmare and you’ll get the chills. There’s a missing Uncle too.

The Visiting Star by Robert Aickman

Remember these names- Mister Superbus  and Myrrha. It will all make sense after you read the story and is it delicious!

The Vanishing House- Bernard Capes

If you’re familiar with what a body looks like during the various stages of decomposition or with what Vampires look like in traditional folklore there are some characters you might NOT want to meet on a snowy night.

These are all short stories and they are meant to be read slowly and savored. So if it’s dark and chilly and you want to have a little winter fun,