Grapes With Rabies

RDP Thursday:PUCE

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When my Dad

used to get angry with me

which he did often because I was never quite up to scratch

in the daughter department and he was never quite satisfied that I wasn’t a mental defective

his face used to turn an alarming shade of red when he started to yell at me.

I was always a little fascinated by that because he had red hair and green eyes that got

blood shot when he was super mad so it looked like his entire head was catching on


I would stare at him , you know waiting for him to spontaneously  combust,  and he

would screech

” wipe that look off of your face little girl

and I would try to not laugh because by the time I was 12 I was five foot five and taller

than him by an inch or two plus the thought of people going catching on fire for no

reason was comical to me. Probably too comical.

So now when I think of the color red it makes me laugh- which has created many an awkward situation  when I see blood.


On the other hand when my Dad wasn’t angry with me, just overwhelmed by the

human wreckage created by half of his DNA his face would turn purple and words

would fail him and he would just stand there, turning purple and trying to burn holes

into my face with this glare that was supposed to turn me into a puddle of cowering, spineless, goo.

It never worked.

Do you know what green eyes in a face purple with rage looks like to me?

A grape with rabies.


So rage at me, be disgusted try to intimidate me

I don’t mind- take your time and give it your best shot.

I want to see if you’re going to burst into flames or turn into a  rabid grape.

It’s one or the other, it always is and I am always amused.

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