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Prompt from Salted Caramel-Blogging Insights # 23 — Blogging during the Pandemic

1.How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic affected your blogging ? Are you posting more or less than you used to?

The Coronavirus hasn’t affected my blogging in that it hasn’t slowed me down. But writing short stories or flash fiction is a challenge. My concentration isn’t all it should be. That’s okay, I know WHY that is happening and I know it will come back. It will come back slowly or  maybe the switch will get thrown and it will be all hands on deck. I also know when that happens sometimes the clarity in my writing is wonky so I have to spend more time editing then usual for those specific stories. It’s less stressful if I remind myself of that WHEN I’M NOT WRITING ( the message sticks then, I’m not sure why probably because I can pay full attention to the thought )

2. What is the tone of your posts these days, happy, sad , serious, worried? 

My posts go from  are either serious in tone or whimsical.  What I am concerned with is I am having a hard time writing about ‘monsters’. I don’t feel stressed about that, which looks surprising because that’s what I do. I write about monsters.  In a funny way I feel protective of them. Thinking out loud right now,  I don’t think that now is the time to unleash them or for me to spend to much time contemplating the evil that people do to each other- the real world is making the darkest soul I have ever written but look like lightweights and my ghosts and monsters don’t need that slap on the back of the head and thumps to their egos.

3.Have you written any posts specifically about the crisis and its effect on your life? If so, please share a link?

I have written about it- you can find them HERE

It’s interesting because I go from not being shut down and going out and about in the world to falling under stay at home orders.

4.What kinds of posts do you like to read these days?s

I like to be surprised, so  I surf and click. Then I get happy surprises. When you are under stay at home orders and put your self into isolation I think it’s important to find ways to get outside of the box.

In closing I would have to say that I think writing is keeping me connected to a world that a lot of us are shut away from. I have plans for my first road trip ‘after’. I know I’ll have to take I alone- well with my dog- and that my idea about visiting ‘ghost towns’ around my state is probably a good idea for so many reasons- but it’s also appropriate.

Maybe when I’m out there my ghosts and monsters will find each other again.

I’m willing to bet it will happen.

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