Start Early Krampus!

Dear Krampus

Why wait until Christmas to pay us a visit?

As you know, we are dealing with Covid-19 and some of us are acting responsibly.

Some of us were laid off from work but we aren’t reaching for guns and ropes and threating elected officials to let us get back to getting tattoos and facials and expecting restaurant staff to risk their lives to serve us food and coffee and cheesecake-OR ELSE.

We aren’t crowding to beaches because we might pick up a virus that could kill someone who lives next door to us, or someone in our family.

However some of us are doing ALL of those things- and like every spoiled brat you have ever stuffed into a sack people are doing these things because they don’t want to be told ” No” and the temper tantrums that are being thrown could be more serious then those in the past.

Given that you have a bumper crop of brats of all sizes and ages you might want to start early this year. I wouldn’t want you to get frazzled.

Sincerely Yours



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