Last Photo Challenge

Bushboys Photo Challenge: Last Photo ( June 2020 )

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The last picture I took was from a train I was riding on that had struck a person and that person died.

As we sat waiting for the various agencies involved to finish their work and clear us to go, people who lived in that area got as close as they could to us and started to take pictures of the person’s remains.

They ran around with their cameras, they looked through the bushes and you could see them wave their arms around in excitement when they saw something.

This picture is of one of the lookie loos who stood on a log with his food in one hand and directed people to body parts with the other.

I’m kind of surprised this is the last picture I have taken for awhile but maybe that’s because I’m really not in humans right now.


4 thoughts on “Last Photo Challenge

  1. What a disappointment humans are now-a-days. To show his face would be a comeuppance but the legal shit fight isn’t worth it. A great last photo with a story which had to be told.

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