Kissing in Kamacha

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Writing Prompt: #1 Kissing in Kamacha

Photographer Unknown

Kiss me on Poe’s Plutonian Shore

kiss me at the end of the world

kiss me when the bell tolls for thee

kiss me under the harvest moon before the Werewolf bites

but don’t kiss me in Kamacha

where the Sun can set you on fire

and the wind grinds the strongest stone to dust

leaving us  lost to the sleeping

never to be dreamt by anyone





The Artist

Daily Spur Prompt: Gateway

Photo by Tim Gouw on

Festo is an artist.

From his spot in the gallery he absorbs the works of other artists like a field of corn absorbs the sunlight, like a pretty girl absorbs her image from each and every reflective surface she passes by, he drinks it all in like a thirsty dog  who has just had his water bowl filled after spending all day in the hot Sun.

His practiced eye tastes each line, devours every stroke of the brush, each shade of color and as he savors the very last bite,  his body ripples with chills and then fed and inspired he begins.

When Festo starts to work every part of his body creates his masterpieces- his eyes, his limbs, his muscles even his smooth light hair. There is no part of Festo that is not creating his art  from his spot in the gallery.

The same spot he always sets in when he is about to work because from his spot

the gallery is spread out below him in a cool, colorful field.

Sometimes from below he can hear the patrons, and the other artists say as they look up to him at work:

” That Spider is there everyday. We’ve thought about knocking the webs down- but really they’re not hurting anyone…and they are beautiful. Don’ t you think? “

Driving Lessons

RDP Tuesday: Draconian


Keep your hands on the wheel

keep your eyes down.

Say yes sir, No ma’am

don’t twitch and eye,

don’t raise your voice.

You will be okay if you do what I say.


Keep your hands on the wheel, no matter what happens.

And for heaven’s sake.

Keep your eyes down.

                                                                         Just look straight ahead.

Don’t ask any questions.

Just answer them.


Yes Sir. No Ma’am.


Keep your eyes down. That’s the most important thing.


That way, I think to myself, if anything bad happens

you won’t see it coming.