Warty Pumpkins

Putting My Feet In The Dirt September Writing Prompt#18- Polished to Perfection

Warty pumpkins

don’t need you to carve them or paint them  or make them perfect for Halloween.

They were born ready for Halloween.

Polished to perfection by the Sun  in a field full of dirt, covered with manure on the day they planted at the side of a highway with an abandoned cement factory in the  next field over and a row of abandoned  houses across the street-

warty pumpkins made their way into the world destined to be flawed and stocked next to smooth white pumpkins and full round golden orange pumpkins perched a thrones of clean straw with crepe paper bats and moons inviting you to join the fun this Halloween.

Would  you invite a Warty Pumpkin or maybe two Warty Pumpkins into you home?

    Would  you carve them up and make them scream ” Halloween? “

Or would you just let them be Warty Pumpkins in all of their Warty Glory?

Photo A.M. Moscoso


RDP Monday- Entangle

Photo A.M. Moscoso

There is a lot to reflect upon today.


I am reflecting upon the angry people who to be  master of the world , that rage and howl-no one should tell them what to do! Red faced they demand you should step aside when they stride to their beat up pickup truck in the Walmart parking lot.


There is a lot to reflect upon today.


I am reflecting up on ropes and smoke and graves filled before their time and words so harsh they have been carved into the air and can never be erased  by time or the weather or barrels of ink and prayer hand emojis.


There is a lot to reflect upon today.


Where do I start?


I feel like I am tangled in a sticky web and the  hungry Spider has just figured out I am here.