The Hunters

Putting My Feet In The Dirt September Prompt: #4  Kidnappers and Cougars

Photo A.M. Moscoso

” I want to steal your heart  away ” he promised her

on their third date, I think it was in June and I think  they were at the Natural History Museum

where the dinosaur fossils are kept on display.

” Really? ” she asked. ” So this isn’t a kidnapping we’re talking about. No ransom involved.  You’re going to steal my heart and keep it forever. Really?”

” Really, ” he told her ” I really want to steal it away and keep it safe. I want to put it somewhere safe where you will never have to worry about it being hurt, or misled or betrayed ever again.”

She cast her eyes to the floor- the tiles had imprints of ferns and dragonflies stamped on them.

He followed her gaze and then he reached out for her hand and she gave it to him.

” Look. I know that you’re a little older then me-”

She took her hand away and touched her finger to her lips and tried not to smile ” Well. Maybe a little.”

” And I  don’t care that you and my Mother are the same age.”

Actually, she was older then his Mother and a lot richer.

” But none of that matters to me. ” he said as if she had spoken her thoughts out loud- which was certainly not the case.

She looked into his eyes.  ” Will you give it back to me, if I ask?”

He took her face in his hands. ” Only if you ask, only if you really mean it. ”

She smiled  when he winked at her. She remembered to wink back. ” What are those? ” she pointed to the display a little ways up the floor from where they were standing

When he turned to look at the case full of bones,  she reached into her purse and felt around for something, touching it lightly with her fingertips her right upper lip curled and then the  left side of her lip slowly curled up too and now I suppose you could call what was on her face a smile.

She said to his back under her breath:

” That’s more then I’ll do Junior. ”  and together, arm in arm  they strolled through the rest of the museum until she said she was hungry and that it was time to leave,


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Wait Up Now

RDP Friday – Again

Photo by Robin Schreiner on


The same numbers on the clock

the very same dates on the calendar

the same train to work

the same slack faces staring down at their phones

the same steps up to the street, grimy and slick with gum and coffee and pee

shampoo, rinse, repeat.


Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Wait, hold up now because

It’s Friday


and no matter how bleak it has been

all week


when it shows up

as usual


pretty  darn sweet.