Guess What?!


It came along just in time!

This isn’t a Halloween song and it doesn’t celebrate Autumn, but it does celebrate going out and having fun and it’s one of my favorites so here you go!


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Times are grim and I’m not in a yippy, skippy mood, but hey….Halloween in on it’s way!

Word of the Day Challenge: Timely

What Does The Hubble Telescope and Scallops Have In Common?

RDP Tuesday: Clam

Scallops taste yummy and they can swim.

Those are interesting factoids and they are well known ( except for the swimming scallops, I had no idea they could do that )

But the one thing I find fascinating is that some clams have eyes and that design of the Scallop’s eyes resemble the Hubble telescope. Is that a big deal?

Yes it is.

Their eyes are complex- as one example, they have two sets of retinas.

The Upper Retina detects shadows, so it’s a defensive mechanism and there is a theory that the Lower Retina in each eye  ( there are two hundred eyes total ) might somehow work together to take 200 separate images and combine them into one image.

Nobody knows for sure, but the idea is the stuff of sci-fi stories so I’m digging it.


Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops have the most accurate vision among the sighted bivalves.

I don’t know about you, but the idea that a Scallop or a clam can see or sense your face is an idea that this writer thinks she will be turning over in her mind for awhile. It’s just a nightmare waiting to happen.