I Know What Happened to Johnathan Michael

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Writing Prompt #16- Jonathan Michael was His Name

Photographer Unknown


Johnathan Michael was his name

he disappeared one night

from a moving train.


Did he stumble

did he fall

maybe, they said,

  he never got on the train at all.


But I know he did

I saw him clear as day

 and when he sneezed

I politely said:

God Bless You


And he Poof!

He  disappeared into flames.





Operation Be Someone Else

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Writing Prompt# 15 Crimson clover compassions

Photographer Unknown

You could be pretty if you tried

wear your hair like this, wear your makeup like that

wear scarves, flowing skirts- think exotic!

Of course, you’ll never come up to scratch

but you could be pretty if you tried

just a little color here and a little color there

might make you pretty, almost average, of course not as splendid as that woman walking by

you could do it


if you just tried.

Across The River

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Footprint

Artist: Tom Thompson
Born: Aug 05, 1877 · Claremont, Canada
Died: Jul 08, 1917 · Canoe Lake, Canada


I don’t want to leave a footprint or two

hardened in the mud by time.


I want to leave a forest full


poisonous plants with shiny berries and fragrant flowers

trees with skeletal limbs wrapped in pine needles and frost

packs of wolves with yellow and orange eyes

and birds that circle the sky after the Sun has died

across the river in Duat

where everyone will know my name.