Looking For That Spark and Sizzle

Last year I got ahold of some recipe books that I had lost several years ago in a move and they arrived just in time for Christmas.

I was so excited to get back to cooking that I went out and bought some new kitchen ware and knives. I planned a menu. I was even looking into buying new tableware. I thought that the Spring and Summer were going to be awesome- I saw dinner parties and weekend brunches in my very near future.

Then March rolled around and everything shut down and I was even off of work for a month- which wasn’t bad considering I had a job to go back to. I was grateful, but there was a grimness that came along with that situation and I wasn’t exactly turning cartwheels when at least part of my life came back.

Now there is a possibility that I could be vaccinated by the Summer and you would think I’d be excited to see that my stalled plans could be put into motion.

I wish I could feel more energetic. I wish I could bust out the rest of my holiday decorations but of course for the rest of the year I won’t be seeing my family over the holidays and it hardly seems to be worth the effort.


I feel like the rest of this year is just something I have to get through- sad but true. It hasn’t stopped me from trying to find ways to adjust my outlook and I keep thinking I will feel that sizzle and spark but it hasn’t happened yet.


There is always tomorrow.


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