The Window Watchers

Putting My Feet In The Dirt Prompt#25- Feline Good

Photographer Unknown

I thought that tonight

would be a good night

to sit at my window, put my feet up

with a warm cup of tea warming my hands and my bones

and that I could wait for the snow to fall,

for the Christmas lights to twinkle and pop on

up and down my street.


It’s really quiet tonight.

I can hear the wind blowing way up high in the trees, I can hear the leaves, frosted with

ice, crackling like the blackened burning wood in my fireplace


my dog is snoring beside me, his paws are dancing and his tail is swishing dreamily,

happily beside him.


My old  black cat is watching his reflection

in the glass fireplace screen

with his ears pinned  against his head.


” Do you see a monster in there? ” I asked him.


My cat looks up at me.


” Do you see a monster in the flames? ” I asked as I took a sip of tea.


” It’s just the wind in the trees making the flames dance like that, ” my cat says ” it does

that on winter nights like these. But I don’t like it at all. Not one little bit.”


“Silly old cat,”  I said to myself.

“Why can’t he just enjoy himself for no reason at all

for once”


” It must be a cat thing. ” My dog said sleepily. ” It’s just a cat thing.”


And then my dog went back to sleep and my cat went back to watching his flames and I

went back  to waiting for it to snow.



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