Word of the Day Challenge: Propine


Photographer Unknown

One year I did not get anything for Christmas.

I spent all day cooking and the week before wrapping gifts and mailing cards, I worked really hard to make it a special day because it was Christmas.

So on Christmas morning I watched everyone open their gifts and later that day when the rest our guests came over I went through it again- I smiled and filled plates and cups  and kept the Christmas music going and listened to stories about Christmas Morning and Christmas Surprises.

I wasn’t sad that I didn’t get a present- what I was sad about was that somehow I had been forgotten. That was what really hurt. I managed to fall off of the radar at Christmas of all times.

Later that day, on the way out the door one of my friends asked what ” I got ” and I smiled and said, ” I got to see all of you guys. ”

She gave me a big  hug. ” You’re so sweet! ” she said.

Yeah,  I thought. Yeah I am.

It was nice of her to say.



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