Putting My Feet in the Dirt July Prompt#1 A bottle of hope sat on the shelf


” You’re just like me, ” my best friend said ” you’re a working dog, a mutt we’re not show dogs like those pretty skinny girls that men hold their stomachs in for when they walk by. “

I wasn’t brave enough to say, ” I’m not an ugly mutt. “

” You’re just like me, ” my other friend said, ” we’re considered losers because we don’t have anything to offer anyone. We don’t own houses or go on expensive vacations. We’re over fifty. We’re just broken down and worn out. “

” I’m not a loser. ” I was brave enough to say.

” Well no we’re not, but that’s not how other people see us. ” my friend said- I think she was daring me to say another word.

I’m not a loser I thought, but I didn’t say it out loud like I should have.

I  have long since put anything good I may think about myself, or have to say to myself on a bottle on the shelf and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to take it down and open it. But I’ll probably do it alone, when none of my ‘friends’ are around.

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