22 Days To Halloween

Today I thought we’d listen to a cool song and watch robots dance to it because robots freak some people out and being that we’re yet another day closer to Halloween I thought this would be a perfect Halloween Treat:

This next clip shows you how Boston Dynamics got to where they are now. Just as a side note, I really hated it when in the testing they kicked at the robots, probably because the robots they were designing reminded me of dogs and horses- so not cool.

There was also  a robot that opened a door on it’s own and according to the note that freaked people out- not kicking the robots. People have messed up priorities.

So in closing, I will add that I cannot wait to see robots dance on Mars.

It’s going to happen you know.

Anyway that’s what I’m hoping for.

 Automatonophobia: Fear of Human-Like Figures:

It is currently unknown precisely what causes this phobia. It may be partly due to our own innate expectations of human behavior. We tend to mistrust people who stare blankly, remain quiet, or act in ways that we do not consider “normal.” Whether programmed to move or simply standing silent, automatons look but do not behave like humans (MORE HERE)

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