12 Days Until Halloween

I have read that the Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe

is a story about good people who end up doing hideous things

for no one single ‘good reason’.


Personally,  my take away from this story is

don’t mess with cats.


There are 12 Days until Halloween- be nice to each other and it’s probably a very good

idea to be especially kind to cats too.



Meant to be read out loud, enjoy.

The horrifying 150-year-old mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s perverse masterpiece—solved at last. Legendary detective C. Auguste Dupin matches wits with mastermind Prisoner X. After several brutal crimes have been committed, Dupin must reveal whether the perpetrator is an insane victim of the supernatural—or a psychotic genius. Elegant visuals and haunting melodies intertwine to breathe new life into an eerie tale of rotting flesh. Directed by J W Rinzler; Art by Greg Knight


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