I Saw It Coming

Feather in Her Cap, 1987, by Andrew Wyeth

When I told my friend that he had died

she went on my Facebook wall and left a crying face emoji

under his funeral information.

Years later I wrote about how I reacted.

What happened was I quit Facebook for a

few months and I opined that I should have stayed off given where we find ourselves

with Facebook now

and she said

that was the problem with Facebook, it was impersonal and that people mistook it for

real human interaction.

You read that right- THE SAME PERSON.

I don’t know what Facebook has actually done to human relationships, but if this was

the 1950’s or Rod Serling was still with us there would be a mind bending sci-fi movie

about Facebook and there would be lines at the theater wrapping around- oh well,

you know a lot of people would be in their fleece pajama’s streaming it on Netflix or


I’ll go ahead and say it, but I think for once and maybe this one time only-

I am 100% right.