Ghosts Of A Smile

For the past month I’ve noticed that people on FB have been doing this thing were they post a word or two for the things that they are grateful for and when they hit Thanksgiving they top it off by feasting on some poor animal who died a death that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Ok. That’s not true, I WOULD wish that on my worst enemy and I would probably wish it on those people who post that picture of a wreath that’s part holly and part thorns and the point this macabre spectacle is to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.

Because, as we known, nothing says joy like jamming  crown of thorns on somebody’s head.

So in keeping with the day here  is a selection of Thanksgiving artwork-they’re whimsical, macabre and truly I am thankful for them. They made me smile and if you want to know the truth I can count on one hand the things that can do that.

John Currin ” Thanksgiving “