The Kenosha Monster


Kyle Rittenhouse

Got away with murdering

two  people today.


He took his rifle that someone else bought for him

and his MOMMY DROVE him to Kenosha where





Kyle Rittenhouse is a snot nosed brat

who got away with murder today

and I can’t say I’m all at all surprised.


Kyle Rittenhouse is  now the face of every single white man who believes he is not


the due and the respect he was entitled to upon his birth and that they can get it back

with a

gun in one hand and a red cap in the other.


I am saying this snot nosed brat’s name over and over again because it’s important to

know the name of the person

who  took rifle that someone else bought for him

and then  had his MOMMY DRIVE him to Kenosha where




in cold blood

and with the Judge on his side and money donated to him by members of law

enforcement he lived the dream of oppressed, frustrated monsters like himself: Kyle

Rittenhouse got away with murder today.



Flashback To Not So Long Ago

Reposted for Fandango’s Flashback Friday

First Published December 24, 2020

I wrote this post last year on Christmas Eve- of course it’s like Christmas and all of the other Holidays never happened last year because we were in lock down .  I didn’t belong to a ” Pod ” so sure, it was a pretty awful Holiday Season.

But it looks like not all was lost- and spoiler alert, I did get to see my Granddaughter over the Summer and I’m going to be seeing her in a few more months again.


Word of the Day Challenge: Rejoice


My granddaughter is the one bright spot in my less then stellar Christmas.

I can’t be with her this year, but if I do what I can and what I should to keep myself and the people around me safe and healthy I know I will see her next year.

So in the midst of this sadness I have my reason to rejoice.

I hope you have one too.


Photo: Moscoso/Casey

Photo:  Moscoso/Casey

Photo: Moscoso/Casey

Photo: Moscoso/Casey