Guess What I Got Today

Last year I went traditional and sent out Christmas cards with Labrador Retrievers sitting in front of a Christmas tree. They were Chocolate Labs, which was I thought was a nice touch because my dog is a Chocolate Lab.

So I get these messages that in effect say the cards were sweet and that it was change to get a card from me at Christmas that didn’t come in a black envelope and gee,  that was different wasn’t it? By the way, was I feeling ok? Maybe a little down? Did I need a hug?

Well. Last Christmas sucked because of the lockdown so I thought I was doing something uplifting and positive so I didn’t send out my usual cards:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

You can bet your mistletoe I won’t be making that mistake again. Did I need a hug. Sweet holy baby Rudolph and the sleigh he pulled on that foggy Christmas Eve.

This year I made sure to get MY traditional Greeting cards and  will be sending them out to the people I love and care about.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The rest of you get Hallmark greeting cards with that glitter that bleeds all over the place and somehow a few flecks manage to get  into your eye and makes it itchy and runny.

That’ right friends- I’m feeling the Spirit and we are both ready to raise little, um cheer. Sure. That’s it we’re going to raise a little Christmas cheer.


Holidailies Prompt: Do you send holiday cards? Do you buy them at the store, send via email, or make your own?