Dusted With Cobwebs




Do you know how strong cobwebs are?

How resilient

 they are to the wind, to the cold to the heat and rain and frost?

Do you know it takes tremondous force and power time and effort

to knock them down, strip them away and try to dispose of them?


If I had to chose something to protect my memories, the times and moments that

mean the most to me.

I’d chose  to dust them with cobwebs and maybe a scary looking

spider or two.

Just to be on the safeside.

Welcome Back

    PHOTO BY A.M. Moscoso

I hadn’t seen my two commuter acquaintances since essential workers were sent home to work and non-essential people like yours  truly were left to roam the wilderness unvaccinated ( being considered nonessential /but sort of necessary ) with our novelty face masks and little bottles of hand sanitizer.

When we sat down I picked up on the fact that neither one of them wanted too be there because they were both on the verge of bursting into tears.

She told us that it was ridiculous for her company to force her to go into work, she felt like she was more productive working from home, that she could really focus on the customer because she wasn’t distracted by things like office politics and personalities.

He said that was exactly right. How stupid, how pointless was it for his company to drag him into town when he was going to sit at a desk and do the same thing he could do on his laptop at home. It was better for the environment-

when he said that she nodded emphatically

and like her he could focus on doing his job and focusing on the customer and their needs and he wasn’t distracted by his co-workers and their issues.

That’s when I was invited into the conversation- they were both very kind. They assured me they felt bad that people like me had no choice but to go out into world and risk my health. I doubted that, but it was nice to hear.

I didn’t say exactly what I thought for a few reasons.

On one hand I thought they both reminded me of that movie about the lighthouse keepers who went insane because they were isolated and one guy had a dream about  having personal relations with a mermaid and then they decide that drinking a mixture of turpentine and honey was a good idea.

On the other hand I agreed because they were in customer service jobs where you call in and go through the menu and end up jamming your finger onto the 9 key ( that’s my go to anyway ) because the menu is a joke.

The reality is I was distracted their legitimate reasons and I was even distracted from their sort of mini-tearful ranting because-

her hair was about three different colors and was tied up in a bun on the top of her head. She was wearing Hello Kitty fleecepants and a pink  sweatshirt with a row of little green palm trees marching across her chest.

He was of wearing the same thing but his outfit was coordinated. He had a dancing penguin theme going on. His hair was up in a bun too.

They politely waited for me to say something, but I’ve learned this thing about people who have been working at home since lockdown- their social skills are a little rusty and if you don’t talk they honestly don’t seem to notice and they’ll fill up that empty air for you.

She was a little different though and she really wanted to know what I thought.

I said I thought it was great that their companies let them dress casusal .  I said it was crazy how much dressing for work could cost.

” My company doesn’t allow casual clothes at all. ” she told me.

” Our casual day is on Friday. ” he said

It was Monday.