Say What?

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If you want to function within the Republican universe, it is important that you be fluent in the language and by that I don’t mean the English language. From what I’ve seen on tv and social media, most of them can’t write it properly let alone speak it correctly.

I mean you have to know what words mean to them as opposed to what they mean to the rest of the world if you really want to understand what they are saying.

For example:

Protesters- the dictionary has defined ‘protester‘ and there is even this little icon you can click on that will say the word for you, but in the Republican universe a ” Protester ” is defined as a Democrat, or a non-white person or someone who wants clean air.

Their definition is a bit convoluted but in Republican speak words are more like pictures and don’t really function the way words do for everybody else.

The term ” self defense ” is a bit harder to grasp because it involves two separate words and therefore in Republican speak two pictures are involved. Anyway.

Self defense does not mean you are left to fend for yourself because no one else is going to do help you. Nope. Self Defense means you are self defending yourself against someone who is not giving you what you want. Like the right temperature soup at a restaurant or saying Trump is not the President.

To wrap this up I will leave you with this. When you run across Republicans who say that they have the God given right to shoot and kill protesters in ‘self defense’ what they are really saying is

They have the God given right to gun down Democrats and anyone else who hurts their feelings or speaks out against their positions.

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I know that language grows and changes, why wouldn’t it? As our community grows and is influenced by different cultures as well as technology (some of my co-workers use emojis inter office communications so I’ll know what they ‘mean’ in the message they sent) it’s bound to change. It’s meant to.

I’m just sorry to see it butchered like a baby seal by the Republican party because they still want to project a a thin ( and I do mean thin ) veneer of civility.

Heads up Republicans. That ship has sailed.