The Feasting Beastie

Word of the Day Challenge: CRAVE

“Louis-Simon Lempereur after Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Le loup et le chien maigre (The Wolf and the Thin Dog), published 1756, hand-colored etching,


She wanted what I had

sharp teeth, a sharper tongue

and nice hair.


I wanted what she had

a mirror that told her lies

and little car that went vroom vroom.


But I like my sharp tongue

my sharp teeth

and when I crave for the things she has


I write my stories about death and decay

and mirrors that lie and little cars with fancy names

and instead of craving for what I don’t have, I feast on what I do.


I’d Give Anything ( To Fit In )

RDP Thursday: Palisade

Gertrude Abercrombie


I wanted to fit in-

so I taught my mouth to smile on command

I taught my eyes to always look down and I kept my voice

low and flat when I socialized at work or on the train.


I wanted to fit in

I didn’t want to look defensive and unapproachable

so I stopped wearing dark makeup

and I stopped talking about things like

what it was like to work in a funeral home

and I dressed my dog up like a butterfly for Halloween

instead of a shark.


I hacked and I pruned away at myself

so that I would fit until there was nothing left of me at all.

Now I fit in

and I can tell that

everyone else is much, much happier.

On The Menu



Before I sit down to write I listen to music.

Most of the time I listen to Mozart or Handel or Greig  but in the mix I have a few rock songs.

When I was writing for Halloween these three got  a lot of play, looking back on it I find my choices interesting and curious:

Curious because this is what I listen to when I’m actually writing: