Sweetness In Song

MLMM Friday Music Challenge: Do you have a favorite song or instrumental based on or featuring a piece of classical music?

Back in the 70’s when I used to babysit I was one of those sitters who didn’t spend all of her time on the phone, I never sent the kids to bed early and then snuck my friends in and I didn’t raid the fridge.

I actually spent time with my charges. We played board games, stuff like that.

Being that I took my responsibilities so seriously,  I wouldn’t fall asleep after the kids went to bed which was really hard because it seemed like the families I worked for were vampires and without fail they sort of ambled through the door just before dawn.

So it was a challenge to not fall asleep. Looking back on it, that was stupid because no one asked me to stay awake. However, I did get paid extra for that so that was nice.

Anyway, to keep myself going would listen to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem,  sometimes  I watched Saturday Night Live and sometimes I watched Monty Python. Hands down, I liked listening to Casey best of all.

My favorite part of Casey Kasem’s show was when he would go off the chart and throw in trivia about music and bands ‘from the old days’.

Casey Kasem

That’s how I learned that The Lover’s Concerto  by The Toys was based on Christian Petzold’s Minuets in G major and G minor.

I was lucky enough to grow up listening to classical music and I loved Minuets so I found this little bit of info to be pretty exciting.

The Minuets in G major and G minor, BWV Anh. 114 and 115, are a pair of movements from a suite for harpsichord by Christian Petzold, which, through their appearance in the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, used to be attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. These minuets, which are suitable for beginners on the piano, are among the best known pieces of music literature. The 1965 pop song “A Lover’s Concerto”, of which millions of copies were sold, is based on the first of these Minuets.

I love both versions here, they are fun and light and pretty and when you sing the song or play these pieces you know it’s okay to smile.

I like that in a song.

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  1. My favorite program on SiriusXM’s 70’s on 7 programming is on the weekend when they play the entire episode of America’s Top 40s program uninterrupted. It’s replayed a couple of times on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
    I always enjoy his reading of dedications from listeners.

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