Life In The Square


Anthonij (Anton) Rudolf Mauve

There’s a homeless guy who has taken up residence behind my warehouse.

Sometimes he sets up his sleeping bag between the cars and when he does this, it’s almost impossible for people to get into their cars and drive away.

But most of the time he walks back and forth and bellows like a bull- a bull that can suddenly launch into streams of profanity and threaten to kick my mother effing head in- or the heads of anyone who dares to ‘get in his face.’

When I hear the homeless guy mooing and bellowing and ranting and raving I don’t go out back to empty the trash. I just let it pile up and wait for him to go on a drug run or pass out.

Welcome to Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington where crazy pops up in clusters like noxious weeds on almost every corner and it all seems normal now.

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