The Well Behaved House


If I were to wander around aimlessly without a map or Google Earth to guide me, I’ll  bet I would find an abandoned house with a rusted iron gate wrapped around it like one of those pinch collars you put on a dog to try to control it because-

you can’t managed it when it gets out of control and it won’t heel unless you yank on it hard enough to take it’s breath away.

I’ll know there are houses like that, haunted and abandoned houses just waiting for you to come up to it’s gate preferably at night and it’s just waiting for you to try to master it-

it really wants you to try.

So it might swing it’s gate open just wide enough to let you in.

Apparently this house that  wouldn’t show up on a Map or Google Earth ( not that I would know because I wouldn’t have those things on me, remember? ) Just wants to be friends and if it doesn’t there is that fence to remind me that there is a line between it and me and that I can cross back over it anytime I want.

So sorry House, I would say to it, if I were to run across it one day- I don’t think I’ll be visiting you anytime soon.

But I might just stand across the road from you and see who does.

As you and I know, someone always will because-

you are just an old rotten house with a chain around it’s neck and if you cause any trouble someone can just yank on it really hard and make you heel.


I think that’s pretty funny thinking too, 

my haunted and abandoned friend.




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