Part Of The Time

RDP Thursday : Part Time

The Uncivilised Cat by Agnes Miller Parker, 1930.

Most of the time, I understand what I have to do to get through the day-

I smile when I have to, I show up for work and do my thing, I don’t get up on the stage and light myself on fire when I feel like nobody is paying attention to me.  I don’t yell or go on screeds on social media when I feel like no one cares about what I have to say or what I think.

So for the most part I feel like – as the saying goes- I’m using my time wisely.

However- oh yes the big HOWEVER- part of the time I would sell my soul to the Christian version of the Devil himself if he would slam one of those dinosaur killing asteroids right on planet Earth’s kisser.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve watched a couple of people I know just get down into the sewer and start licking the floor like there is no tomorrow. Which there wouldn’t be if I had my way.

But then I think about how scared my dog would be if a killer asteroid hit the planet Earth in the kisser  and I let that anger go-

part of the time.

The rest of the time is the challenge.


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