Creative Stews and Other Messy Marvels

One of my FAVORITE creative writing exercises is Automatic Writing ( how to HERE ) Sometimes I get some cool ideas from that exercise and sometimes I look  at  the results and think- wow-  I haven’t seen a mess like that since the time I ate those fried twinkies and chased them down with a couple of Strawberry Margaritas ( well it was more like a FEW ) and didn’t make it to the littlest room in the house fast enough.

 At any rate,  I am always entertained by the results.

So today I combined RDP Tuesdays prompt VAPOR with the AW Exercise and I went to town.

To make it easy for you to read I did try to chop up the words so they would be easy to read and I left the RDP word Vapor in a string so you could see part of the process. Before I did that all of these words ran together.

I like to use a single  word for Automatic Writing- some people choose a topic and write whatever pops into their head but I find that too restrictive. Sometimes I look at a painting and just throw down every word that comes into my head when I’m concentrating on the picture, but most of the time I just hear music so I don’t do that one often.

One of my friends in highschool was super duper religious and she really hated it when I did this exercise because she thought I could let demonic influences into my head and I never had the heart to tell her they were probably already there hahahaha.

So here is today’s result:



snakes and stones


where did those bones come

 from where they always there?

Are they warm to the touch, cool to the tongue do they


do they scream and cry when you close the lid on the pot vaporvaporvapor

my kitchen is so busy at midnight when the ghouls and  my dog want in to be fed.


Now I can see a story here and maybe a poem and each has it’s own spin. 

Like I said this is a fun exercise and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Anita Marie

Anthonij (Anton) Rudolf Mauve

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