Wait- You Know Roger?

RDP Wednesday: CONCERT

I used to like it when the train I took to work was packed with people.

Each car had it’s little club and it’s own vibe- like there was the reader car where everyone read their phones or books- there was the upper deck car where there was chess games that for some reason people who didn’t even know how to play chess would hang out because they had their favorite players that they cheered for.

Some cars were full of chatty people who talked at the tops of their lungs – they talked to each other at full volume and when they talked on their phones they could drown out the train engine.

I liked the chatty people, they were fun to watch and sometimes they were fun to listen to. It’s not like what they were saying was super interesting but they had the wildest facial expressions that went along with their story telling and I liked that a lot.

After the Covid restrictions were lifted a lot of those people either started to work from home or like some people I know they drive to work because they didn’t want to take public transportation anymore so now the train cars are not quite half full and for the most part they’re a little boring.

Sometimes though little gems show up, like the Millennials who sat in the row across from me a couple of months ago. They were excited because they had been on line buying concert tickets to celebrate not being in lockdown anymore.  One of them was really excited because his parents were taking him to the UK and he planned on seeing  shows there too.

I figured I wouldn’t know anyone these young-uns were into. I was right when they popped off the names of two groups and then one said, ” and guess what, I scored tickets to Roger Daltrey. ”

One guys said, ” No way- he’s still” he paused and I figured he was going to say ” alive ” but he said “touring? ”

” Yep. And dude, I get to say I saw Roger Daltrey. ”

” That is pretty damn cool ” his friend told him and then I tuned them out because I was amazed that this kid was going to see Roger Daltrey and he thought it was a big deal and he understood rock and roll history enough to know Daltrey was a big part of it.

Growing up I was a big fan of The Who and I saw them in the mid 70’s and in 1980 in Seattle and friends, I was about 13 the first time I saw them and just under 16 the second time so I at the time I was considered a ‘new fan’

I got into The Who because my guitar teacher thought he would be remiss in his duties if he didn’t teach me songs by The Who, so that’s how I got into them.  I guess the older fans may have felt the same way I did when I heard the Millenials chatting about ” my Roger Daltrey ” and now I can laugh about it in a good way.

Here are two of my favorite Who/Daltrey songs- I hope you enjoy them with that-

Rock on.


2 thoughts on “Wait- You Know Roger?

  1. I figured he was going to say, ‘He’s still alive’ too. Darn. The kids are alright. I remember seeing The Who’s Tommy at the theatre. The music was so loud, I think my ears rang for several days after that.

    • I remember when I went to the Who concerts people said to wear earplugs because they were REALLY loud…which was funny because everyone was back then. But to be honest, my ears did ring for a few days because I was up near the stage at both shows that I went to.

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