Shhhh…Can You Hear It Now?


In the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster is a super massive  black hole that is emitting sound waves. Sad to say that even if we were right there on the event horizon ( which would be AWESOME ) we couldn’t hear it because it’s below the level humans can hear, plus it’s like a zillion miles from Earth.

But why let something  boundaries  of time and space  kill the wonder of a experiencing a singing super massive black hole? 

I’ve read that to some it doesn’t sound like singing, that it sounds like lost souls crying out from the deepest darkest regions of Hell- or maybe from the attic of your local haunted and cursed house. 

Either way, I figure until we get there in the flesh, we can still let our imagination run wild and I am doing exactly that because sometimes the darkest heart likes to feel jolly now and then.

Chandra’s 53-hour observation of the central region of the Perseus galaxy cluster (left) has revealed wavelike features (right) that appear to be sound waves. The features were discovered by using a special image-processing technique to bring out subtle changes in brightness. These sound waves are thought to have been generated by explosive events occurring around a supermassive black hole (bright white spot) in Perseus A, the huge galaxy at the center of the cluster. The image also shows two vast, bubble-shaped cavities filled with high-energy particles and magnetic fields. They create the sound waves by pushing the hot X-ray emitting gas aside. The pitch of the sound waves translates into the note of B flat, 57 octaves below middle-C. This frequency is over a million billion times deeper than the limits of human hearing, so the sound is much too deep to be heard.

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