The Truth Remembered




When she was little

she remembered yelling at her Mother,

” You don’t love me, everyone knows it’s true!”

and for years and years she tried to remember what her Mother had said

in reply.

All she  could recall was the look on her Mother’s face-

the confusion, that’s what she remembered seeing- confusion

and that  animal trapped in a corner look in her Mother’s eyes that must

have  burned away the memory of what her Mother  angrily responded

to such a horrible accusation coming from her first born child.


That memory turned up,  always uninvited, to holiday dinners,  it barged into the

bathroom when she was putting

on her makeup in the morning,  it chased her  when she was running for her bus after

work,  it followed her when she  was walking her dog- and it whispered in her ear  that

her Mother must have said something, she was certain of it and then her

inability to remember what her Mother must  have shouted back frightened her- that
dark silence rested in her heart and it squeezed until she nearly cried.


She turned that memory over in mind again and again and then one day  she realized

she couldn’t remember what her Mother had said because

her Mother had never said anything  at all.


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