Halloween Windows

Without the characters in these works of art, Halloween would be a little to quiet- do you agree?

Albin Grau, Promotional Illustration for Nosferatu, 1922 🦇

In ancient Ireland, the roads were haunted by creatures known as the Dullahan.
The Dullahan has a very specific job, he would roam the roads calling on all the souls of the dying to join him on his journey to the afterlife…
Around midnight on certain Irish festivals or feast days, this wild and black-robed horseman may be observed riding a dark and snorting steed across the countryside.
Dullahans are headless, and wherever one stops, a mortal’s death soon follows. A dullahan will stop its snorting horse before the door of a house and shout the name of the person about to die, drawing forth the soul at the call.

If, on a dark night in Japan, you see a parade of strange beings singing and dancing, don’t be tempted to join in. It’s most likely hyakki yagyo, the night parade of 100 demons, and as tempting as it might be, you really don’t want to be part of it

It’s A Super Duper Caturday!

Let’s celebrate Caturday, with a super duper song about cats!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso