The Witch’s House

Photographer Unknown

There was a gleam in her eye

there was shards of  glass in her voice

and as they cut through me to the bone

I tried to scream

but all I could do

was stand there and laugh

in the Witch’s House

last Halloween.


I’m still here,

come see for yourself

I’ll be watching for you

with a gleam in my eye

and I’ll be waiting by the door to

welcome you

with shards of  glass in my voice

that will cut you to the bone

because it’s Halloween.


Inspired by the RDP Prompt: GLEAM



They say that shadows of deceased ghosts

 Poem By: Joshua Sylvester

They say that shadows of deceased ghosts
Do haunt the houses and the graves about,
Of such whose life’s lamp went untimely out,
Delighting still in their forsaken hosts:
So, in the place where cruel Love doth shoot
The fatal shaft that slew my love’s delight,
I stalk, and walk, and wander day and night,
Even like a ghost with unperceived foot.
But those light ghosts are happier far than I,
For, at their pleasure, they can come and go
Unto the place that hides their treasure so,
And see the name with their fantastic eye:
Where I, alas, dare not approach the cruel
Proud moment that doth enclose my jewel.

The Witch’s House

The Haunted House

The House of the Dead